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Advertising / PR

I have given some thought to PR opportunities stemming through my blog, and I would welcome the chance to collaborate with partners that could offer something of benefit to my readers.

I enjoy new experiences and more so than that, sharing them with others. Nothing delights me more than recommending an activity to a friend or spreading the news about a really great place to visit. I am an optomist, thus while I will offer constructive criticism on any downfalls of an experience, I always see something positive in an experience.

As a Guernsey lifestyle blog my goal is to highlight the mindful environment that Guernsey naturally offers, but I will also cover events, related travel opportunities (island hopping?), food and tourism.

What I Can Offer You

Please do not hestitate to contact me if you are a travel or tourism company or are involved in arts, culture, or hospitality. While I am based in Guernsey, I love taking day/weekend trips and would be happy to talk to you about a partnership and how I can help promote your service or product.

As mentioned previously, I enjoy recommending good services and experiences and as such I am open to sponsored content (provided I have the opportunity to experience the service first) and sponsored giveaways if I feel that they fit with my blog.

I am very happy to do product reviews which may include books, iPhone apps or other services and products related to someone who lives on an island (or wanna-be island dwellers), is an ex-pat living abroad,  or those who want to live a more mindful existence.

Again, if you would like to get in touch with me, send me an email at:


The Details

If we agree to work together I would guarantee at the very least one blog post and varied exposure via social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).