Welcome to The Guernsey Maple! Apologies to all the Botanists out there who may be feeling excited about a new breed of tree; or the small holders of Guernsey who may be eagerly planning out a new Maple Syrup venture. Alas, my attempts to be clever and mix my Canadian roots with my new life in Guernsey may have led you astray. Either way, glad to have you here.20130603-001509.jpgI’m Raina, a 30-something Canadian who wandered away from home several years ago and found myself drawn into the beautiful bubble that is Guernsey. With a population of merely 65000, Guernsey appeals to my small-town upbringing whilst meeting my need for a lifestyle with European flair. It’s rural meets foodie and I love it. Guernsey is located just off the coast of France in the Channel Islands which means I can hop on a boat and be on French soil in two hours. However there is no shortage of things to do in Guernsey itself; in crossing the island you can see stunning cliffs, wildflower meadows, magical woodlands, rolling pastures (spot the Guernsey cows!), rocky coastlines, and sandy beaches. I think that Guernsey is the perfect place for a mini-break because there is so much to do and see. Summertime is lush, the ocean surrounding the island is plentiful, and this is the perfect place for a slow holiday.

I started my blog years ago to document what was meant to be a short trip to Ireland. As my wanderlust amplified I continued the blog however one day my previous blog fell into the wrong hands and I had to shut it down. I have taken two years off blogging but recently I have had a little voice calling to me on the wind, beckoning me back to writing. This time around I want each post to be something special, sharing a piece of my Guernsey adventure with you, my readers. I love Guernsey and I want you to feel like you are experiencing it along with me – and maybe one day you will even find yourself wandering our shores!



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