Happy Thanksgiving!

Being Canadian in a faraway land means that I often find myself explaining a few things about Thanksgiving. People seem to be a bit more knowlegeable about the American version and get thrown when I start planning for a Thanksgiving meal in October. Just to clarify, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of November which is to signify the relationship between the pilgrims and the First Nations people (who saved the settlers from starvation). Canadian Thanksgiving falls at the time of year when crops are gathered from the fields and so is very much a harvest festival and falls on the second Monday of October. 

I haven’t been in Canada for Thanksgiving for seven years now, but always ensure I mark the holiday with some type of glorious feast. Turkeys can be difficult to find in Guernsey this time of year as they are held back for Christmas meals (so says the butcher, although I saw a freezer full at Alliance yesterday) and so I usually opt for some other type of fowl. In all honesty I find turkey a bit boring and so the idea of roasting something different certainly appeals. One year it was duck, one year capon – this year I went for duck again as the butcher did not have anything else to offer except chicken. (Chicken, really? Cmon, this isn’t a Sunday roast, this is a national holiday feast!)

And so today I had the honour of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner alongside my dear one, laying a table spread which made me feel mighty chuffed, and sharing the meal not just with my partner and his family (their first Thanksgiving) but also with my very own brother and his glorious girlfriend who are here visiting. For this I am ever so thankful; that my Guernsey family and part of my Canadian family were able to sit together for this Thanksgiving meal and marvel over how gull-darned deliciously everything came together!


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