The one in which the Canadian feels at home on Guernsey

Edit: this post was originally published in 2013 and has been reposted.

The trip has now come to an end and I have returned to London. On Wednesday when my plane took off, I longingly gazed out the window and surprised myself as I recognized each monument below – Fort Grey, Lihou Island, Vazon Bay, Castle Coronet. In the short span of time I spent on the Island, I quickly memorized the streets of Saints Bay, the route 7 bus stops in my area, and the inlets along the southern coast. My love of maps was satiated as I poured over the free copy provided by my hotel; which roads would take me to the cliffs, which to the Little Chapel, and by day five I finally figured out that the bus routes were on the map (although bus stops not yet labelled).

Meanwhile, life in Guernsey goes on without me. Thursday celebrated an Airshow – on my way to the airport Wednesday I spotted four fancy planes and heard high-speed jet zip through the air space. Thursday also marked the beginning of the Guernsey Literary Festival – the Visit Guernsey team have been giving away books all week, and now I have a slew of ‘to reads’ added to my list.

Took a wrong turn at the cliffs and ended up in this sunlight-mottled glen. Lost? Never.

So as our little FlyBE jet took off from Guernsey Airport and we sailed through unhindered blue skies, the decision to return was already firmly made in my mind. I hear that Guernsey in the springtime is lovely…

Want to plan your own trip to Guernsey? Start off by speaking to staff at the VisitGuernsey website. They have lists of accommodations and links with tour companies that can organize an all-inclusive or half-board trip for you. Or, if you’re an independence-junkie like me, put your own trip together. I used to determine available hotels then TripAdvisor to narrow down my choices. I chose La Barbarie Hotel in the end based on its location and unique personality/charm. I used Skyscanner to find the least expensive flight from London to Guernsey and chose FlyBE as it had more convenient times and was based out of London Gatwick vs London Stansted.

Total cost of trip:

Return train fare from London Bridge to London Gatwick: £18
Return flights from London Gatwick to Guernsey Airport: £101.87
Taxi fare from Guernsey Airport to La Barbarie Hotel:£7 (plus tip)
Four nights Bed & Breakfast at La Barbarie Hotel (sole use): £340 (£85/night)   **Half-board available for additional £19 per night; excellent food and savings of £4.50 per day were you to eat their Table D’Hote menu in the restaurant daily**

Fresh Guernsey Crab sandwich at The Beach Cafe, Fermain Bay

Ormer Card with 20 pre-loaded bus fares: £15
Dinner/Lunch supplies from local supermarket: £35
Lunch at Fermain Bay Cafe: £7.50
Dinner in St Peters Port: £15
Table D’Hote Dinner and wine at La Barbarie on my last evening: £27
Taxi fare from La Barbarie to Guernsey Airport: £9 (plus tip)

Total: £575

Adding this up it is absolutely more than I would typically spend on a holiday, but there is not one thing that I would regret about my trip to Guernsey. And next time I will be able to use the bus to get around better and will hopefully have a few other people with me to convert to a state of Guernsey-induced euphoria.


11 thoughts on “The one in which the Canadian feels at home on Guernsey

  1. What a lovely time you had on Guernsey. We spent 10 days on Jersey in September/October 1994, including day trips to Herm and Sark and a short day trip to the coast of France. I’d love to go back and spend time in Guernsey and visit Alderney and more where we already had a taste of being there. Yes, I’ve read the book that apparently incited your trip — and, before our trip, all the books by Gerald Durrell, which is why we spent a day at the Jersey Zoo. But you’re starting out a lot closer than we did, so perhaps you’ll get back there soon. Oh, and finding information on the Channel Islands was quite a challenge back then. I’m not sure it’s any better now if you’re in the USA, but a return visit isn’t likely very soon, unfortunately.

    I enjoyed your guest post on Martine’s blog, which is how I got here.


    1. Thanks for stopping by – I love Martine’s blog! I’ve been so happy to have a guest post spot on it!

      It’s much easier to get to Guernsey from London – my Mum wants to come to Guernsey but she’s in Canada (near Detroit) so it’ll be tough for her. I’d love her to see it, though.


  2. I’ve just stumbled across this beautiful right up of Guernsey, as a Guernseyman it was nice to hear it from an “Outsider’s” perspective, expecially with how well written and passionately you wrote it.

    If you ever want to return to guernsey I’d happyily suggest a few places to go and see, of course everyone will tell you about Herm and Sark, both a beautiful in their ways, but if you were interested in history, I’d happily recommend some of the Dolmens in the north of the Island, and off course Castle Cornet, and many many others…

    I’d also recommned the following video, it was shot by an Englishman that travelled over, much like you, Guernsey/Channel Islands have some of the largest tide ranges in Europe. and this video really captures Guernsey’s Beauty.


  3. Please ignore my previous two posts, i’ve just looked at your other posts and realised you’ve now moved over, oops… sorry!


    1. Ha! Well, I’ve only been here two months and still haven’t seen the dolmens so I will certainly take up your suggestions. I need other things to do with visitors – as beautiful as the little chapel is, I’ll likely be there for the third time in 2 weeks and I’m getting a bit bored!

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