Remember, there will always be starfish.

There are times – we all face them now and again – when the days feel like they will never end. Life can easily get on top of us and everything seems like too much.

These are the times when I find it essential to notice the small things. Taking stock of the beauty around me can jolt me out of a terribly pessimistic mood and forces me to appreciate life just that little bit more. It’s that “be in the moment” thing that is so easy for me to forget  in the hum of everyday life.

I like a list,mand here is my list of things that I should not take for granted:

  • Coffee delivered to my bedside every morning.
  • Sunrise warming the waters of Saints Bay.
  • Cows grazing in the hillside meadow.
  • Camellia painting the trees with colour, even on the coldest greyest days.
  • Random cats in unexpected places.
  • A whole other world in the rock pools at the beach.

I know that not every one reading this can skip to the seaside after work for a shot of relaxation, so I am instead leaving you with a photo of one of the small wonders I discovered last week at Fort Grey. A starfish! Happy tidings.



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