On why I’m afraid of my trip to Guernsey

Image by @Rockdonkey

From the title of this entry you might think I’m nervous about five days of solitude. You might feel concerned that I will get lonely (reference Candace’s dedicated post) or find myself attracting the unwanted attention of an angry Sand Plover (sea bird). Sprain my ankle while hiking along the seaside cliffs, or eat some poisonous sea weed while out foraging. Or perhaps you’re becoming ever more anxious that whilst I visit the Faery Ring I will be transported to the other realm, never to return.

Fort Hommet by @GuernseyLiz14

All valid concerns. But none of the above are the cause of my dilemma when it comes to Guernsey. The issue, you see, is that I’m certain that I won’t want to come back. Here is the ever-growing list of evidence in favour of Guernsey (everyone loves a list)…

  1. It is an island. Islands equal relaxation. Slower pace of life. Cue flashbacks to my time on Pelee Island during summer 2010. *blissful*
  2. Le Creux es Faies Passage Tomb – a well preserved Megalithic passage tomb dated c. 3-2500 BC. Known as the entrance to the Fairy Kingdom in Guernsey Folklore. Better than Stonehenge… and, well, see ya later.
  3. Foraging.  The Guernsey brochure has an entire section dedicated to the foraging opportunities. Wild Guernsey runs foraging workshops out in the Nature.
  4. Cliffs walks
  5. Hedge stalls (unmanned booths selling excess fruit and veg)
  6. Beaches
  7. Surfing lessons (on my WIP 101:1001 list)
  8. Seafood
  9. The Country hotel where I will be staying
  10. Sir Isaac Brock (he was born in Guernsey!)
  11. Dairy cows and dairies
  12. Rambling (refer to #4 – cliff walks, etc.)
  13. Winding roads and lanes
  14. Island hopping on ferries
  15. New camera and scenery to capture
  16. Tourism boards that reply to my tweets about coming
  17. iMake podcasts
  18. An English speaking area embracing a French lifestyle
Guernsey Goats a photo by Chris George

Reason enough to go? Well, how about two more, including 19. this blog article on ten quirky things to do in Guernsey, and 20. the fact that Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserables (which I saw in the West End on Friday) while hunkered down on Guernsey.

With the above as evidence, are you at all surprised that I’m fearful that I will never come home from my trip? I may be building up my expectations, but this island really does seem like my very own paradise.

Want to learn a bit more about Guernsey? Check out the following…

The Quirky Traveller goes to Guernsey
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (a book. it’s good. I’m on my second read.)
and if you’d like to see more photos of Guernsey, all the photos on today’s blog entry come from the Love Guernsey website. Check it out for more inspiration.


11 thoughts on “On why I’m afraid of my trip to Guernsey

  1. What a brilliant list! I am worried now too… What if we never see you again?? It sounds quite magical and I’m sure you’re going to have a brilliant time. I can’t wait to see photos of that tomb.


  2. Hee hee – it’s easy enough to live here if you are local. It’s the non-locals that have difficulty because the open market housing prices are sooooo steep. And contrary to popular belief, we aren’t all millionaires! I hope you have a lovely time and let me know if you need and local hints and tips 🙂


  3. Oooh I just replied to your comments on my blog. I am SO sorry about the delay – for some reason your comments ended up in spam! So sorry. I am delighted you are enjoying the podcast 🙂


  4. Thank you for your beautiful words and description of my place of birth. I am proud to say that I was born and grew up here. Left and then returned and now appreciate more than ever what a wonderful island Guernsey is.


    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment and visiting my blog. You do live in a truly beautiful place and I am very excited to begin calling it home soon!

      On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 11:10 PM, She Went Away


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